5 Options For Weight Reduction Plans

5 Options For Weight Reduction Plans

Americans have one of the highest levels of obesity, of any people, in the world. In fact, the diet industry, has become, a huge entity! However, we are so inundated, with promotions, marketing, and advertising, for many plans / programs / companies, etc, and, often, provided, a variety of different interpretations, and emphasis. Many of these plans have numerous advocates, as well as many successes, and failures. Since people have different mind – sets, attitudes, dietary preference, etc, it may make sense, to consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 of these options, their differences, potential advantages, disadvantages, and limitations, etc.

1. Calories: One of the best accepted approaches, is emphasizing reducing calories, and / or restricting them. However, many have used this approach, without getting their desired results. Scientific evidence, indications, males and females require a specific amount of calories, and, to lose weight, must reduce these. One of the challenges, and obstacles, to this, is the process of, so-called, calorie-counting. In addition, some individuals end up, feeling too hungry, when they eat less, and, that, receive less than their most desirable results!

2. Exercise: When one commits to an exercise program, especially when combined with a diet, which works, for him, he burns calories, and, these aids, in weight reduction. However, some of the obstacles / challenges to this, are: time limits; aches and pains; certain physical restrictions; Egypt, an unwillingness to commit to this regimen.

3. Low carbohydrates: In the 1970's, Dr. Robert Atkins, popularized the low-carbohydrate diet, in the United States. He based his plans on centuries – old, literature, from Europe, which illustrated, its effectiveness! During his many decades of working in this area, he treated tens, of thousands, of patients, in his office, as well as millions, worldwide, who read his books, etc. While opponents of this approach, claim, it is potentially dangerous, because of ketosis , etc, Atkins proclaimed, when one does not eat carbohydrates, he, instead, burns fats, and loses weight. In fact, many studies indicate, those who commit to this approach, for life, enjoy the best chance of keeping unwanted pounds, off!

4. One of the plans: Weight Watchers, NutriSystem , etc, are plans, sold extensively, which many suits, works well for them. Each is based on specific dietary principles, which generally generally seek to simplify, reducing calorie intake, by providing a simpler system, and approach.

5. Surgery: Many have tried many approaches, without getting the desired results. They, often, resort, to methods, such as liposuction, or other surgical techniques, to reduce the size of one's stomach, etc. While these provide immediate gratification, none / until, one commits to maintaining discipline, post – surgery, will not give the results, you seek!

There is no, one – size – fits – all, approach to losing weight. However, since too many pounds, often, creates many physical challenges, dangers, and ramifications, including cardiac – related, knee and back issues, etc, does not it make sense, to pay attention, to maintaining a healthy body weight?

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