Procrastination And Fears: The Enemies Of Healthy Living!

Procrastination And Fears: The Enemies Of Healthy Living!

Many people, not only put off, until tomorrow, what they should do, today, but, never seem to address challenges, which needed addressing, yesterday! We often end up, procrastinating, rather than taking well – considered, quality actions! While there are many causes, and reasons, for this behavior, sometimes, the single – biggest cause, is how, we are driven, by our fears. Henry Ford is often credited, with saying, You can think you can, or can not. Either way, you'll be correct! While FDR said, The only thing, we have to fear, is fear, itself , if we consider this, in the larger, more personal context, we'll discover, how we handle our fears, often, determinates, much about our overall health, and well – being. With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the difference, between, handling our stresses, or letting them, dominate us!

1. How we handle our stresses: Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Hans Selye, received this distinction, for his work, and study, of stress, and how we handles stresses. He divided stress, into two categories: 1) Harmful stress, and 2) Eustress . Harmful stress weakens us, and, we often, resort to procrastination, or denial, in our foolish attempt, to avoid it. Rather than helping, procrastinating, generally, makes things worse, because, nearly every obstacle, is easier, to handle, sooner, rather than later! When we do not address these discomforts, early – on, we often dwell on the negatives, and fixate on our fears. This results us, from taking, timely, well – considered action! On the other hand, when we learn, from every conversation, and experience, and use these, to develop true expertise, enhanced judgment, and, hopefully, wisdom, we become far better, and stronger. Rather than wasting time, and dwelling on our fears, and reasons, we can not achieve, and be better, are not we far better off, proactively proceeding, and using every negative experience, as a learning experience. When we handle our stresses, wisely, we focus on ways to achieve, our finest objectives, and do not focus, and overly emphasize, our fears!

2. As I think, I am: Most of us have heard the saying, As I think, I am . We can, either, choose, to be the best, we can be, or settle, for being ordinary. We have the choice of having the nerve, to take well – considered, worth risks, or fixate on our fears. It's rarely about the fear of failure, but, for many, it's about the fear, of succeeding, and future expectations!

Will you transform, life's lemons, into lemonade, or complain about your luck, and blame others? It's always, up to you!

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