The Need To Improve The Typical, American DIet

The Need To Improve The Typical, American DIet

Although, Americans spend more on health care, than, nearly any major, free, nation, statistics indicate, we fare, not nearly, as well as we should, in areas, such as infant mortality, life expectancy, and experiencing certain diseases. Although, many factors, are certainly, involved, and must be considered, there is probably a considerable relationship between diet and overall health! The typical, American diet, is high in fat, sugars, carbohydrates, etc, and low in fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 relevant factors, which, each of us, should consider, in order to maximize the potential, for better personal, overall health, and well – being.

1. American diet issues: Most of us, eat, an insufficient amount of healthy food, and, often, replace that with some, simplistic alternatives! Few of us, consume, a sufficient amount of fresh fruits, and vegetables, including legumes / beans, dietary fiber, etc.

2. Too many sweets: Do you have something of, a sweet – tooth? Most of us, do, because, we find sugary, sweet foods, enjoyable, tasty, etc. We eat, far too many foods, which are high in sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates, etc! Instead of having healthy alternatives, we often, substitute, what many, refer to, as junk foods, etc.

3. Sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates, sodium, etc: Our foods often, are high, in sugars, unhealthy carbohydrates, and sodium, and include, too much fast – foods, prepared foods, etc. We would, probably, have fewer health issues, if we replaced these, with freshly prepared, cooked – at – home, dishes, and paid attention, to reduce, and attempt to avoid, trans – fats, etc.

4. Leaner meats, and eggs, are OK: You are not going to enjoy, your eating, if you go on any sort of extreme diet. Rather, it's fine, to eat leaner meats, and consume eggs. If one is concerned with specific, cholesterol issues, he may, consume only specific parts, but, for most of us, eggs are a healthy food, which is high, in protein, etc. One should, recognize, there are a variety of types of fats, and, some are healthier, than others. For example, unsaturated fats, are fine, while trans-fats, and saturated ones, are far less healthy!

5. Balance, step – by – step: Healthy eating is best achieved, when there is a meaningful, real balance, where we are able to enjoy, what we eat, with paying keen attention, to replacing unhealthy foods, with far more, healthier ones! This is best achieved, when we use, a, step – by – step, approach, to how, and what, we eat!

A healthier, happier life, is achieved, when we make some basic modifications, to how, and what, we eat! Focus on the best balance, and approach, for you, personally!

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