The Painful Truth About Sexual Abuse

The Painful Truth About Sexual Abuse

The name of the video and this article were clearly given to me in meditation. I was asking what would be most useful for me to share and The Painful Truth About Sexual Abuse was what I heard.

By no means an easy subject to talk about nor one that most people choose to discuss, but I had heard it so precisely that I wanted to honor what I had been given.

Sexual abuse happens all over the world, to both men and women, starting very young sometimes and continuing well into adulthood. More females are abused than males and most abuse occurs at the hands of someone you know.

Many people learn to cope with the devastating effects of sexual abuse by shutting them away from people, or choosing addictions to numb the pain. Others find themselves in adulthood with destructive behaviors, failing relationships, and overwhelming feelings.

The one similarity that I see when I am with my clients is that they share a feeling of not really knowing who they are, having no discernable sense of self. I believe that this is a spiritual affliction brought about by the having had their boundaries destroyed by the perpetrator in such a profound and damaging way.

Another aspect of sexual abuse that can hinder healing when thought, is that sometimes the brain shuts away any memory of the incident or accidents, and so the individual may not even be aware that it happened. This blocking of the memory by the brain is to protect the individual from the pain. The problem with pain, is it usually finds a way to express itself … sometimes through rage, sorrow, grief, disease, or destructive behaviors. A trained therapist will be able to look at the way that the individual is living their lives to see if sexual abuse is a possible cause for the behaviors being demonstrated.

Healing from the complicated, complex and incredibly difficult subject of sexual abuse varies from person to person. What is critical is that although healing is thought, a safe space to explore the subject matter is found and space for feelings to emerge over time is given.

Often, treatment plans address several other issues before the very sensitive and challenging subject of the abuse can be introduced. Especially in the case, where addictions are present, or self damaging behaviors.

I strongly believe that learning to love yourself and everything about you is the end goal of any healing path to do with abuse, and especially sexual abuse. I have written many articles on Ezine Articles about how to learn to love yourself and heal your past.

All the steps between looking for help, and reaching this end goal depend on so many different factors that it would be impossible to write them here. What is clear is that there are many very successful ways to address this painful situation. I offer one, and you are welcome to contact me to learn more about it if you choose.

In the meantime, thank you for reading this article.

Here is the link to the video – – The Painful Truth about Sexual Abuse

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