Why Don’t You, HELP Yourself?

Why Don’t You, HELP Yourself?

By now, most of us, recognize, the obstacle, and amount of the opioid epidemic! However, while there are many causes, sometimes, one of the most relevant ones, is many people, seek a simplistic, easy cure, and / or fix, rather than being willing to focus on, how, they might, more effectively, address the root – causes. and, how, to better HELP themselves! The continuous battle, to enhance our abilities, for self-help, and what actions, and planning, may be needed, and recommended, is one key component, of, proactively, healing, what hurts us, in an evolving, relevant, sustainable , safe, non – invasive way! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and presents, and, why it's important to pay attention to.

1. Heroic / hero; healing; head / heart: Instead of hoping for, or waiting for others, to help and heal you, become your own, personal hero! Heroic attempts, at healing ourselves, must emphasize, both, our logical, as well as emotional components! I refer to this, as a head / heart balance, which addresses, both our desires, as well as our needs, and permits us to pursue, balancing an objective, idealistic, and pragmatic approach!

2. Examine; emphasis; energy; excellence; endurance: Take the time to give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up! Examine your needs and priorities, as well as concerns, worries, etc. What do you deem, to be personal strengths, and what do you believe are areas of weakness? Place your emphasis on utilizes your strengths, while addressing weaknesses! Consider this, to be a marathon, instead of a sprint, and have the endurance, to put yourself, first! Demand your utmost personal, genuine excellence, instead of accepting, good – enough! When you do so, you will enhance your energy, and like yourself, far more, and be willing to fight, for you!

3. Listen; learn: Learn to effectively listen, and be willing to do so! None of us, have all the answers, knowledge or alternatives, so the better, one does so, the greater potential / chance, of becoming better, and more effective. Demand, at least as much (hopefully, more), from yourself, than you seek from others. Set an example, you are proud of, and you will become happier!

4. Priorities; planning; (overcome) personal phoebias : When have you considered, your priorities, and, whether, they are really, your goals, and dreams, and address your needs, or if you are merely, hoping to fit in! This requires focus, and planning, and a willingness, to address, and overcome your fears, every day!

HELP yourself, first, and become the best, you can be! Will you become, your best friend, and positive advocate!

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