Why Vaccines Should Be Mandated?

Why Vaccines Should Be Mandated?

When the safety and well – being, of the overall public, for the common – good / safety, contrasts, with someone's personal freedoms / perspectives, which should be the priority, and / or, most essential? Just, as it, applies, to other matters, related to, public safety, this issue, needs to be carefully considered, in terms of the bigger – picture! For example, for generations, measures, were nearly exterminated, by widespread, use of well – tested, effective vaccinations. Recently, large due to, conspiracy theorists, etc, we have witnessed, what many refer to, as the, Vaxers Movement , which is composed of individuals, who refuse to take these shots, because of a fear of side – effects, and assumed , safety concerns. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 reasons, safe, effective, thoroughly tested, needed and necessary, vaccinations, should be mandatory.

1. Rights of the individual, versus those, of society: When the rights of the individual, conflict with the well – being of society, we must, in general, side, with, society's safety. For example, though, our Constitution calls for, Freedom of Speech, this does not, and must not, include, one being allowed to, cry, Fire , in the movie studio! We have witnessed more cases of measures, in the past few years, than in the total, of generations, and, this puts many people, especially, adults, at – risk, if they never had the disease, when they were children! Some say, it's someone's religious right, in certain cases, to refuse, this would only be true, sometimes if someone, lived, totally, in isolation. How can it be considered, a right, to make others risk their health?

2. Dangers, for others: We have, recently, witnessed, certain cruise ships, isolated, and not permitted, to enter ports, because of measles, outbreaks, because of health concerns, to the overall population. This has, also, become a challenge, in schools, homes of worship, other transportation vehicles (public buses, trains, and airplanes), etc. While an individual describes many freedoms, liberties, and rights, this principle does not apply, when, in doing, so, it puts other, at – risk!

3. Public safety: Health outbreaks, which may be preventable, if everyone was vaccinated, must be avoided! Making these vaccines, mandatory, would serve the best interests of overall, public safety, and well-being!

4. Sanity: Do not permit the inmates, to rule, the asylum! It is unwice, to favor, unfounded fears, over sound reasoning! We need, far more sanity, in our overall, health policies!

While, we need, to look at the bigger – picture, there are many cases, when vaccinations, should be mandatory. Protect the common good, over irrational fears, and false – pre – judgments!

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