Why, Your Well Being, Is, ALWAYS, Up To You?

Why, Your Well Being, Is, ALWAYS, Up To You?

If you want to be, really, happy, it's ALWAYS , up to you! Granted, life will bring, both, ups, and downs, but, the issue of happiness, depends on how you handle these! You can think you can, or can not. Either way, you'll be correct. These words, credited to Henry Ford, refer to, how our attitude, determinates, whether we are successful and fulfilled, or, consistently, feeling, we are getting, the so-called, short-end, of the stick! When life provides lemons, make lemonade ! One's can – do, positive attitude, often, differentiators, between your ability, to be happy, and miserable! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and presents, and why, wise people, do all the can, to assume personal responsibility, for their attitudes, behaviors, and actions.

1. Attitude; attention: While, some may, only see, doom – and – gloom, and let every obstacle, seem to be, a problem, it is wiser, to, proceed with a positive, can – do attitude, and see obstacles, as challenges! When this is combined, with a willingness, and well-developed, ability, to consistently, pay, keen attention, you will become, happier, and healthier!

2. Listen; learn: Proceed, with an open – mind, and effectively, listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience. In this way, you will improve, every day, in every way!

3. Wise; what; which: Are you wise, enough, to focus on planning, and focusing, on the best approaches, and taking appropriate action, or do you let events, control you? What will you do, when there is an obstacle? Which path, will you choose, the common one, or path, of least resistance / easiest, or the one, rarely chosen, but with far more potential? Will every adversity, make you stronger, better, and more prepared?

4. Aptitude; access: Develop your aptitude, as fully as possible, so, your personal, skill – set, makes you more knowledgable, open – minded, and willing to focus on seeking the finest, viable solutions! Doing so, will give you access, to many more options and alternatives!

5. You; your; yes: You can, either, become your best friend and ally, or behave in a way, where you become, your own, worst enemy! Say, yes, to the possibilities, and release your final potential!

6. Solutions; system; serve; strengthen / stronger: The more you do, to become better, and stronger, will strengthen your chances, to create a personal system, which will best serve your needs. When you seek viable solutions, instead of worrying, you will enhance your happiness, and well-being!

It's ALWAYS up to you! What will be, your personal choice?

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