You Are, What You Think

You Are, What You Think

You can think you can, or can not. Either way, you'll be correct. This statement, often credited to Henry Ford, briefly explains, one of the most relevant factors, which differentiates between, proceeding, in a happy, fully – satisfied manner, as opposed to, becoming your own, worst enemy! When I first heard, the statement, You are what you think , I was a young, teenager, and, thought, I've become a woman, because, that's what I thought about. I, soon, recognized, this mean, if I thought I's be successful, I would be, and if I proceeded, with a negative, frame-of-mind, my results, would suffer. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how, it is, often, a matter, of mind – over – matter!

1. Mind – over – matter: Groucho Marx stated, It's a matter of mind – over – matter, and if you do not have a mind, it does not matter . While Groucho, stated this as a joke, obviously, a serious interpretation, should be, our mind, and thoughts, often makes the difference, between becoming stronger, and more effective, or something of, a loser! Think back, on those times, you envisioned succeeding, versus, when you believed, you'd fail! When did you have better results? When you doubt yourself, you waste so much time, worrying, and fearful, rather than, focusing on, becoming the best, you can be.

2. Obstacles are a part, of life. Do you consider these problems, or challenges ?: When life gives you lemons, will you make lemonade, or complain about your bad luck? While there are often, obstacles, how one perceives these, and proceeds, often determines, the results. Do you consider these to be problems, or, merely, challenges, to overcome? Our greatest athletes have always enjoyed challenges, and the amazing ones, are those, who are, consistently, ready, willing and able, to want the ball, when the game, is on the line! Think, for a moment, about the mental picture, of a challenge, differs, from that, of a problem. Which one makes you want to proceed forward, as opposed, to paralyzing you, with undesirable fears, and anxiety? When you focus on ways to achieve objectives, rather than procrastinating and avoiding, you will become stronger, and less stressed!

How might you make a significant difference, for the better, in your own life? Will you make yourself, a winner, or be satisfied, being less – fulfilled, etc? It's always, up, to you?

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