Your Personal Focus?: Fears, Possibilities, Solutions?

Your Personal Focus?: Fears, Possibilities, Solutions?

One of our greatest philosophers, Groucho Marx, often, washed his cigar, and eyebrows, and proclaimed, It's a matter of mind over matter. If you do not have a mind, it does not matter . Many others, have also stated, how our personal attributes, and willingness to expand the self – imposed, limitations, of our individual zone zone, so often, creates something, of, a self – limiting, result! The reality is, life has many obstacles, and, we have the option, of considering these, as problems, or, as obstacles, to overcome. Consider, how sports heroes, ask for the ball, when the game is on the line, and these superstars, envision, the game – winning shot, touchdown, home run, goal, etc. Henry Ford is often credited with staging, Whatever the mind of man can perceive and conceive, man can achieve . This is equally true, in our personal life, where we, often, have the option, of, either proceeding with fear and trepidations, possibility – thinking, and / or, focused on viable solutions, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, how, our personal health, and well-being, often depends, on whether we are controlled by our fears, consider the possibilities, or seek viable solutions.

1. Our fears: We all are afraid of certain things, which is normal. However, when we permit any errors, to limit our performance, and creates anxiety, stresses, and tensions, to direct our actions, we lose our battle, to become the best, we can possibly be! When fears dominate, we often wake up, and avoid, rather than perform! How can that be helpful, healthy, or the best, longer – term strategy? When we let fears control us, this negative thinking, is pervasive, and is, often, harmful to our health, and well-being!

2. Possibility thinking: Rather than focusing on why, we can not, a possibility thinker, looks ahead, with a well – considered, positive, can – do attitude, and seeks to discover, the best way, to proceed forward, and transform lemons, into lemonade! Think for a moment, about, the difference between following our fears, versus possibility thinking, makes you feel!

3. Viable solutions: Some turn to drugs, medications, alcohol, or withdrawal, when confronted with unwanted circumstances, news, etc. For a happier, healthier life, would not it, make more sense, to take the time, and make the effort, to fully consider, options, and alternatives, and create a viable solution.

Will your personal action plan, focus on your fears, or be more positive? How you handle these stresses, and fears, often, has a huge impact, on your personal health, and well-being!

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